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Get four meals a week at $11.49 per meal. Customize your meals below using the drop-down arrows, or leave them as they are and enjoy “The Chef’s Choice.”

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The Menu Options Below Are Only For Next Week. Our Menu Rotates EVERY week so that you are always getting a variety of food. We have over 30 meals in rotation!
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Get four meals a week at $11.49 per meal

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1 Review
  1. November 2, 2020 4:53 pm
    WOW! There are some really tasty meals here that are so convenient (and healthy) to heat and eat. I have ordered for a few weeks now, and there are several dishes that I would recommend. I would say that my favorite meal so far is the Red Curry Tacos. The Steak and Couscous is up there too! The portion sizes are just right and you don't have to worry about…